10 Ideas to Make your Bathroom Feel Cozier During Winter

Winter is coming and there’s no better way to fight the harsh coldness outside than to retreat to a cozy, tender and enticing environment at home. Thus, you should always look for new ways to make your residence look and feel cozier. When preparing for the rough winter, most people change the décor of the bedroom or living room, but a lot of the times they simply overlook undergoing modifications in the bathroom. In our opinion, this is a huge mistake, seeing as in a lot of cases the bathroom feels like the least cozy chamber in the entire home.

As if the coldness outside wasn’t enough, your bathroom often gives off frigid vibes while you’re preparing for a new day of work or simply washing your face or brushing your teeth early in the morning. How many times have you felt annoyed by the chilly tiles beneath your feet? We believe it’s time for that to change. It’s time for you to implement a more comfortable design in your bathroom! Here are 10 ideas to make your bathroom feel cozier:

  • One of the best ways in which you can instill a feeling of comfort in your bathroom is implementing timber paneling, which is cozy by definition!


Photo: annsacks.com

  • In case you find timber paneling too expensive or too hard to install, try to add some other elements which contain timber, such as a wooden stool. To make it look even more comfy, place some clean fuzzy towels on it.


Photo: lonny.com

  • Candles are the perfect way for instilling a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Especially if your bathroom features a view as breathtaking as the one in the photo.


Photo: nallau.com

  • In case you don’t wish to place candles directly on the bathtub surface, a candle holder can be equally intimate and cozy, especially if it’s made from timber.


Photo: belzbergarchitects.com

  • In order to avoid the coldness of bathroom tiles, add a textured carpet, made of fabrics that instill warmth, such as sheepskin or fur.


Photo: oakleyhomebuilders.com

  • Buy a large stool, which can be useful for providing a cozy rest space, in addition to depositing towels.


Photo: elevationhomes.com

  • Hang more towels in your bathroom! The mere sight of them is bound to make you feel warm and cozy.


Photo: popsugar.com

  • Put some plants and baskets on display. A bit of vegetation will remind you of summer and make you forget about the chilly winter for a moment.


Photo: decoist.com

  • Use textured bathroom objects, like sea sponges.


Photo: decoist.com

  • A design which combines timber and black granite will make you feel cozy just by gazing at it.


Photo: decoist.com