5 Fancy Features for Your Luxury Mansion

Whether you already live in luxury or you merely dream about it, when talking about million dollar mansions there are various features which absolutely must be implemented in order to ensure that your home is indeed a real show-off and that your guests will gaze in awe when you give them a tour.


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When considering building or moving into a luxurious mansion, in addition to the design, the pieces of furniture and the decorative art, you must not overlook purchasing some fancy features which are prone to make your home look top-notch even when compared to other expensive residences.


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Subterranean wine cellar with transparent ceiling

No matter if you indulge in the hobby of wine tasting or not, a subterranean wine cellar is bound to be a nice addition for your luxury mansion. But if you truly want it to look and feel astonishing, add a transparent glass ceiling, so that you can look at it from the chambers above. The LED subterranean wine cellar displayed in the photos belongs to interior designer Jamie Beckwith.



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Subterranean garage

A common observable garage is too dull for a million dollar mansion. If you live in such a mansion, you probably also own a luxurious limousine or a fancy sports car, so you should park it in a garage which is equally magnificent. As you can see in the photos, this subterranean garage is equipped with a lift. You can get your car in and out of this garage at the push of a button.


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Home cinema

Turning your basement into a home cinema is an awesome choice and it will provide you with months and years of entertainment, especially if you’re a movie maniac. You can equip it with extravagant and comfortable armchairs or sofas.



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Infinity pool

An infinity pool is one of the most exquisite and sumptuous items money can buy, especially if your residence is located at high altitude. Nothing beats the feeling of relaxing in this pool while gazing at the dazzling sights.


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Zen bathroom

Although in case of normal houses one doesn’t give much importance to the bathroom, if you own an expensive residence, even the bathroom must feel unique and luxurious. The perfect way to decorate it is a soothing Zen design.



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