5 Modern Kitchen Decorating Tendencies

Whether you are sick of the dull and old-fashioned design of your kitchen or you are merely looking for new ideas to spice up your cooking environment, the tendencies that will be discussed below may provide inspiration for a partial or complete kitchen renovation. However, take into consideration that renovating a kitchen is not an easy task, seeing as the changes you make on the cabinet, tiles and surfaces have a permanent character.

The kitchen is a chamber where you get to spend a considerable amount of your free time, especially if you enjoy cooking and baking stuff. It also constitutes an area where you share a lot of moments with your loved ones. Therefore, when considering implementing a particular design tendency, make sure that your choice will resist to the damage inflicted in time by humidity and high temperatures.

It is equally important that you make sure that the decorating tendency you pick will not get out of fashion too soon. Nowadays, a lot of these tendencies have been proven to last. Here are five modern kitchen decorating tendencies that are bound to strongly enhance the aspect and design of your kitchen:

  1. Open Shelves

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This decorating style, which reminds us of the aspect of a cozy bistro, has become more and more popular throughout the last years. This method is great for people who like to show-off, seeing as you are able to put your best plates and glasses on display.

  1. Two Nuances Cabinets

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Use only two distinct nuances on your cabinetry. You can either use one shade for the higher cabinets and the other one for the lower cabinets, or play with the colours and create a combination which is best suitable for your tastes. For a more stylish effect, the two nuances you pick should be contrasting.

  1. Tiles as High as the Ceiling

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Another really sleek idea for spicing up your kitchen is the use of walls of tile that reach the ceiling and encase the windows. Although the costs of tiles aren’t small, the result is definitely worth it.

  1. Copper Fixtures

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Copper fixtures instill a warm vibe in your kitchen and go well with both light and dark nuances.

  1. Timber Countertops

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Although timber countertops are hard to be maintained, they deliver a really cozy atmosphere.