Add a Touch of Ancient Refinement to your Room – Buy a Chaise Lounge Chair

Timeless and elegant, the chaise lounge has managed to always stay in fashion in a world of ever-changing trends, which is a great achievement. Comfortable and traditional, this item has appealed to the tastes of the high society, being highly appreciated by a lot of Hollywood stars, like Greta Garbo, Gloria Swanson or Jean Harlow.

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Chaise lounges exhibit a modern aspect, in spite of their antique origins. Reminding us of photos of enticing Hollywood divas radiating with velvety extravagance, they give off classy and stylish vibes, regardless of where we place them. After taking a look at the photos, you are bound to consider purchasing this innovative item, which is basically half-chair and half-sofa.

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Due to their presence in the possession of Hollywood divas, Roman emperors, Egyptian pharaohs or Olympus gods, chaise lounges have earned their reputation of harbingers of luxury and lavishness. However, we owe the restoration of this design trend to the French architect Le Corbusier. During the famed black and white epoch of the 30s, chaise lounges were extensively advertised as indispensable accessories for fancy ladies, particularly in renowned photography sessions which highlighted such pieces of furniture using fabrics such as silk or velvet. The greatest achievement of the chaise lounge chair is that it has managed to stay in fashion for ages, being one of the most long-lasting   decorative items.

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Whilst film industry has certainly played a key role in preserving the popularity of the chaise lounge, the effort and creative ideas of professionals of the home design field are what enhanced it with new outstanding features. If you decide to purchase a chaise lounge for your chamber, you’re bound to be delighted by the dash of extravagance it brings. Contrary to what most people think, this item is not suitable only for classic rooms. It also goes perfectly with contemporary decors.

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Featuring stylish and refined finishes, chaise lounges are available in a large variety of models and nuances. Depending on the décor of your room and your personal preferences, you can either opt for calming neutral hues, or choose more shiny and vibrant shades. Buying a chaise lounge will spice up the whole ambiance of your room without disturbing your already adopted design style. It’s suitable for both feminine and masculine interiors.