Add a Vintage Vibe to Your Bathroom



Adding a vintage vibe to your bathroom is not an easy task, but if you know what to look for, you can be the proud owner of a vintage design bathroom in no time. First of all, you must know what items go well with this type of design, so that you don’t end up with a kitsch bathroom instead of a vintage one.

Pick a suitable door

If you truly plan on having a vintage bathroom, you should make sure that the epoch atmosphere can be felt right from the moment you step inside. Therefore, the first step is to purchase a door which looks vintage.


Vintage Mirrors

A great way to start decorating your bathroom in a vintage style is to purchase some vintage mirrors, preferably from antique shops. In addition to providing an epoch feeling, these items make your bathroom feel more spacious. Vintage mirrors usually come in large sizes, so make sure that the one(s) you purchase fit properly in your bathroom.



Retro Suitcases

Vintage is a wide term which comprises various meanings.  It shouldn’t be confused with the Victorian style. Objects such as worn-out suitcases can be transformed into decorative items. In addition to enhancing the vintage style of your bathroom with their old design, they can also prove to be very practical, seeing as they can be useful for holding various toiletry items. However, avoid using suitcases that display notable fabric deteriorations.



Old Chairs

Although it may sound quirky, placing one or two chairs inside your bathroom can truly augment the vintage feeling of your bathroom. Plus, they enhance the comfort of the chamber. However, make sure you take good care of these chairs, seeing as the moist bathroom environment can deteriorate their material.





Vintage Bathtub

The bathtub is the very core of your bathroom, the item which makes you want to spend hours inside this chamber, in order to enjoy a warm and relaxing bubble bath. A claw foot bathtub would be the perfect choice for a vintage-themed bathroom. However, before purchasing one, make sure it can be properly connected to your current pipe.



Hardwood flooring

You can’t achieve a genuine vintage feel unless you install true hardwood flooring. Although its maintenance is definitely not easy, it’s an addition that you simply can’t do without.



Rework the pipes

To instill a proper vintage atmosphere, change your pipes, similarly to the picture below. But don’t do it yourself. Hire a professional, in order to be sure that you don’t get leaks.



Modify the lighting

Last, but not least, replace your current lighting appliances with items such as boxy lanterns, globe fixtures or dimmers.