An Audacios Project – From Chapel to Modern Residence

Today we present you with a really daring and audacious project from the reputed architects and designers of Evolution Design – the full transformation of an old chapel in the British countryside into a modern, extravagant and highly equipped residence.


The old building, referred to by the locals as “The Chapel on the Hill”, was located in the picturesque village of Forest-in-Teesdale, England, United Kingdom, and was initially in a highly disastrous and desolate condition, seeing as it had been abandoned for an extensive period of time. The aim of the Evolution Design team was to undergo a full restoration of the construction, in order for people to be able to feel impressed by its exclusive architecture and its serene rural surroundings once again.


The primary phase of the project involved the restoration of the derelict ceiling and the boarding of all windows and entrances. The purpose of these actions was to avert any extra impairment due to water infiltrations. Afterwards, the design procedure itself started.

The plan included 4 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen/dining space, as well as a living room. Due to the large surface of the derelict church, each chamber could feature generous dimensions. Three of the bedrooms were allocated to the mezzanine floor, which constituted a new addition to the structure. The implementation of this mezzanine level was aimed at enabling the inhabitants to benefit from even larger free spaces. The ground floor was devised to integrate the bathroom, the kitchen-dining space, as well as the living room, in addition to the fourth bedroom.

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The restoration work was performed with the most attentive care, so that the vaulted windows and the genuine Gothic-style of the building were kept in the exact same shape. In order to maintain the design of the construction as historically accurate as possible, custom plaques and blinds were implemented. The original roof beams were kept as they were.

The interior of the building features a rustic modern design, while still reminding us of the historical allure of the old chapel. The vaulted windows and skylights provide great lighting to the kitchen and dining surface. The renovated building can accommodate up to seven people.

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