Astonishing Regent’s Park Home – Both Luxurious and Practical

This astonishing residence located in the close vicinity of Regent’s Park is the dream house of many. The home has recently been subject of a major renovation and the job of redesigning its interior was given to the renowned decorator Debra Kacher, who works for DK Interiors. Initially, the living area comprised four different apartments. Nowadays, this Regent’s Park home consists of a single home, with five levels. Debra’s task was to focus on the ground and basement levels and to convert the previously disconnected living area into a residence that fits the needs of the customers who commissioned her, two spouses along with their teenage kids.

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One of the big minuses of this Regent’s Park home was a really small kitchen, disconnected from an extremely large dining area. The aim of the decorator was to instill a more pleasant and cozy atmosphere, so that the family could enjoy their time spent here. The outcome of Debra Kacher’s thorough work was a cozy and soothing ambiance, featuring a “classic contemporary” decorating style. The décor stands out due to the utilization of clear, straightforward lines, as well as a neutral colour scheme contrasted by some dazzling nuances and textures.

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The overall aspect of the Regent’s Park home inspires both extravagance and coziness. Just by taking a look at the pieces of furniture and decorative items, one can understand that this residence is inhabited by a family that values luxury and refinement, as well as a soothing ambiance.

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The kitchen features the same furnishing as it did before the renovation, but it was relocated downstairs. Its cozy and relaxing ambiance is enriched by fabrics like genuine stone and timber. The walnut shades displayed by the countertop are great for contrasting the rest of the décor.

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The three bathrooms of the Regent’s Park residence also feature genuine stone, in addition to some dazzling mosaic tiles featuring metallic nuances. Another addition to the estheticism of the residence is the visually stunning orange wallpaper implemented in the new study room. All in all, the decorator managed to achieve what very few can: a dream home which is both extravagant and functional.

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