Be Smart and Learn How to Hang the Curtains

Curtains are a very important part of home decoration and designing. Hanging the curtains is considered to be an easy task but it can embarrass you if you are not following the decided rules of this technique. If your curtains are arranged according to the suggested techniques, a glamorous look will make you proud, otherwise the overall look will frustrate you in front of the knowledgeable guests.


The hangings of curtains start from its shopping. Along with beautiful color and material, it is also important for you to measure the space with proper calculations where you are going to hang the curtains.


It is also in your knowledge that on which place, you are using which type of style of hanging. By applying random measurement and calculation, your space will not cover according to the requirement and give a poorer look to you and your visitors.



The rods and draperies, on which you are going to hang the curtains, should be at the ceiling. By applying this technique, your room will give a taller look and give the nourishment to your eyes. This technique is best for small homes and rooms so consideration of this technique is a must.


The measurement is considered enormously if you are taking lengths of your curtains. The curtains should not be short otherwise these will give an embarrassing look to your home. The curtains should touch the floor in any case. If you are not getting the similar measurement, change the choice or buy a longer length. Do not compromise on length as it is an essential element for curtains.


While trying to buy panels, it should be in your mind that the panel should be not less than the double of the width of your windows. You can buy even greater, but it is the minimum measurement for panels.


It is very important for you to iron the curtains. People become lazy for doing so the curtains give a messy look. Do not try to hang the curtains with no ironing.


While buying curtains, we normally forget the rods and draperies quality. The hardware should also be in our mind and we should consider the designing of these rods as well. Sometimes, the rods cannot bear the weight of the curtains so we need some extra support. So show smartness and apply meaningful hardware without wasting time to get a proper look of your curtains.