Best Places to Install your Aquarium

If you wish to add a flavour of exoticism to your home, one of the best solutions is to install an aquarium and fill it with all sorts of vividly coloured fish. If you want to make a really powerful impression with your new aquarium, be sure to purchase a large one. But instead of buying excessively large furniture for placing your huge tank that occupies most of your free space, you could try to build your aquarium into the current pieces of furniture of your residence. Here are some of the best places in which you could install your aquarium:

  • Between chambers





You could try to utilize it as a separation point between two different chambers. This way, you do not only free up a lot of space, but also provide an additional function for your aquarium. For example, you could use it to isolate the dining space from the rest of the living room.

  • Kitchen counters





If you want to make a real distinguishing note, use your aquarium as an actual kitchen counter. It’s both practical and highly original. It’s basically a flawless way of using it!

  • Kitchen cabinets





Kitchen cabinetry is usually fixated on the ground or ceiling. Provided that your kitchen is large enough, you can use part of the countertop area as a place for installing the aquarium.  If the space allows it, you can use the aquarium as both kitchen cabinetry and a separation point between the kitchen and the dining/living room. However, be careful that this idea doesn’t take up too much of your kitchen space.

  • Coffee tables

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This idea is perfect for the ambiance of your living room. You and your guests will be able to gaze at the vividly coloured fish while sipping from a refreshing cup of coffee.

  • Close to the fireplace





Adding an aquarium next to or encompassing it constitutes a great and original way to spice up an old and dull fireplace. The only worry you should have is adjusting the fire so that it doesn’t raise the temperature of the water too much.