Blue and Yellow Colour Schemes – For a Summery Ambiance Any Time of the Year

As winter slowly takes the place of autumn, we are approaching the wonderful days of Christmas, filled with excitement, family gatherings and presents. But in addition to that, this time of the year could also instill feelings of melancholy for those who love summer and sunny days. And what better way to recreate the atmosphere of the hot colourful summer times than to redecorate your home with shiny, joyous nuances? Implementing a colour scheme such as blue and yellow is a flawless way of creating a summery feeling and getting rid of the gloomy mood inspired by the coming of winter.

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Rather than using nuances of the same colour, we recommend a mixture of yellow and blue. It makes a really fashionable palette of colours which is bound to look good on your interior any time of the year, not just during winter. Plus it goes well with a large array of decorating styles and motifs. Another considerable advantage of this colour scheme is that its implementation doesn’t require a lot of effort. It can be easily achieved with a minimum amount of redecorating.

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Although the blue and yellow combination works well for any chamber of your home, when you use it on your bedroom it looks even more charming. Each of the colours is available in a large variety of tones and nuances, which provides infinite possibilities. Seeing as the bedroom should display a soothing, tranquil ambiance that enables you to rest properly, a good tip would be to use mild nuances of yellow on the walls, accentuated by vibrant blue shades. This way, your bedroom will give off cozy vibes, making an ideal shelter during the cold season.

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For those who love the coastal or tropical design style, the best idea would be to shift the distribution of nuances. Thus, apply shades such as chilly blue or mild turquoise on the walls and accentuate them with vivid, mango yellow hues. Regardless of your chosen palette of colours, the outcome should not be too flashy and garish. In order to strengthen the efficiency of the colour scheme, your artistic and decorative items should feature fitting nuances.

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If you wish to implement the blue and yellow colour scheme in your living/dining room, you should consider a white background. However, if you fancy a more extravagant and audacious design, grey would make a perfect background choice. This stylish neutral hue is ideal for coastal and eclectic designs and it instills an atmosphere of refinement.

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