Creative Rental Flat Design

When devising the décor of this home, the designer Tim Lam used pure nuances of beige and managed to come up with an innovative style which not only displays awesome patterns, but it also bound to considerably increase the value of the flat.

Although his daily job is that of an expert bookkeeper, Tim Lam’s hobby also makes him an expert designer. He wrote about all the work that he had done on this apartment, on his blog, Design Maze, with the purpose of inspiring people and giving them new ideas as to how to spice up their own homes.

This flat belongs to Christine Dang, Tim Lam’s old high school friend colleague. She knew everything about his natural talent at designing ever since the art classes they attended together, where Tim was the center of attention. Thus, when she wanted help with her own flat, Tim Lam was her first choice, as she knew that he could design it in a unique and innovative way.

Basically, Tim began work on this 650-square-foot apartment from scratch, seeing as it had absolutely no style and originality. Due to the fact that Christine was merely a tenant of the apartment, and not the owner, Tim wasn’t allowed to do any big improvements. Plus, Christine’s finances were pretty low.

All that Christine wanted was to live in a place that was decorated according to her own style and individuality. Tim managed to fulfill her wish and more. He chose a design which was cute, but not very feminine. He used sleek furniture as well as a stylish grey, gold and lavender palette of colours, managing to dodge the norms and limitations of tenancy.

Take a look at the photos and see how Tim Lam managed to enhance this initially dull rental flat with a stunning design.


The gold and grey nuances are a perfect combination, making the dining room look very spacious.


In order to create flawless patterns, larger décor items were used.


The designer chose aerodynamic pieces of furniture, like the stylish sectional and circular coffee table, in order to avoid overcrowding.


The fancy grey, gold and lavender colour palette makes the design appear cute, but not very feminine.


Believe it or not, this armchair was salvaged by Tim from a junk heap and reupholstered.


The positioning of the table and the streaked carpet make the chamber appear larger.


The gold and charcoal coloured wall was in fact achieved by covering various parts of foam boardwith tapestry.


The main bedroom benefits from splendid genuine lighting, reason for which the office is facing the big windows.


This working/make-up desk is both chic and practical.



This bed frees a lot of space in the main bedroom, due to the storage space below.