Dazzling Manhattan Loft – Where Industrial Design Meets Brilliance

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Featuring an exclusive atmosphere and an authentic background, the inhabitants and visitors of the Soho district of Manhattan can really feel its unmatched fascination and delight. The historical background of the residences situated in this neighborhood is both industrial and artistic. One of these residences is the 476 Broadway, a state-of-the-art loft which exhibits a mixture of refined industrial vibrations and modern splendor with vivid colours.

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It makes a dazzling and joyous escape from the rush of the city and anyone who sets foot inside it is bound to feel enticed by its charm. The loft, which stretches over a surface of 2500 square feet, is meant to fulfill the demands of any modern family. Its subtle design is the work of the professionals from Casamanara. Due to its big windows, it benefits from a considerable amount of natural lighting. The background features neutral hues, which generates a trendy, invigorating atmosphere.

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One rarely encounters such a refreshing palette of colours in a modern residence. This beautiful and flamboyant Manhattan loft truly succeeds in leaving you speechless! The bluish sofa and the shiny fuchsia ottomans make a really lasting impression in the living space. This refined aspect is complemented by the breathtaking vibrant bluish shades exhibited by the kitchen. The open plan loft comprises a living room, a kitchen, as well as a dining room displaying a minimalist style. Sliding glass doors act as dividers between the open plan living space and the lounge area. The creative placement of artworks on the wall is perfect for accentuating the palette of colours in a stylish manner. The visually stunning chiseled light accessories are also part of the loft’s artistic features.

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The exquisite palette of colours, as well as the well-organized decorative items, makes sure that this loft does not display the ambiance of an ordinary industrial-design residence, in spite of the historical background of the structure. Every chamber gives off coziness vibes due to the implementation of timber surfaces. The multi-coloured carpets are the center of attention in a residence in which refinement, brilliance and innovation are combined in a really enticing manner!

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Photos: decoist.com