Delightful State-of-the-Art Ukrainian Flat

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This enticing and awe-inspiring state-of-the-art Ukraine apartment is the work of the renowned Alexander Chervinskyi, devised for Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects. With a surface of 300 square meters, this top-notch flat features an astonishingly glamorous interior that is bound to impress each and every guest. The walls display delightful milky white hues, whilst the large chambers are equipped with modern pieces of furniture. The main idea behind the opulence and extravagance of this flat is achieving coziness through up-to-date techniques. Its impressive design implies more than just a stylish and attractive aspect.  The success of this Ukrainian architectural jewel is owed to the way in which it manages to instill an atmosphere of spaciousness in a relatively tiny flat space without creating any disorder or agglomeration.

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The living area is separated into two distinct ample segments – a dynamic space and a silent surface. The whole positioning of the items and furniture is in accordance with this pre-established model. A gorgeous open plan dining area, a top-notch contemporary kitchen and a soothing living space equipped with a big L-form couch are the center of attention. All of them are organized in a manner which is both practical and refined.

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In general lines, the interior exhibits a stylish, nearly minimalist design style which appears to be highly suitable for this flat. The fully neutral nuances generate a peaceful, tranquil ambiance. A visually stunning and enticing contrast is created by the big floral wall pattern present in the living space. The bedrooms benefit from the latest pieces of furniture and are equipped with a large variety of accessories which are bound to impress you from the very first steps you take inside one of these chambers. The children’s room looks equally stunning, with a touch of dazzling colour.

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Tidiness and orderliness are words that best describe the overall ambiance of this incredibly stylish Ukrainian work of art. It’s amazing how a design which looks so cleanly and accurately systematized can deliver so much coziness and warmness. By gazing at the photos taken inside this incredible flat you’ll get an idea on what a proper renovation of a living space truly means.

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