Eclectic Living Rooms – Charming and Imaginative

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Unfortunately, a lot of homestead proprietors are misguided by the completely false idea that an eclectic design can be achieved by merely not implementing any other style and arranging your personal decorative items without following any pattern. The proper implementation of an eclectic style requires much more work and dedication than that of any other known design style. Unconventionality should not be confused with randomness. The fact that it features all sorts of combinations of colour patterns, contrasts, designs, textures or epochs does not mean that an eclectic living room should look random and unorganized. The main idea behind the eclectic style is exhibiting your own individuality, with all its particularities, in an orderly manner.

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Achieving a proper eclectic style is way more difficult in comparison to other styles, mostly due to the fact that you have almost no guidelines, principles or limitations to follow. The only precise rule is to obtain an ideal harmony between discipline and havoc, discrepancy and unity, technique and craziness. We hope that by looking at the photos, you’ll get some sense of what it means to achieve a flawless eclectic design in your living room.

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When thinking of living rooms with an eclectic design, one automatically pictures a lot of vibrant shades and decorative items which inspire garishness and audaciousness. However, there are many manners in which you could implement an eclectic design while still preserving some contemporary features that your home may display. Avoid purchasing more decorative items pieces of furniture than strictly necessary, particularly if your living room is tiny. Some great items that your eclectic living room could feature are a daring sofa, a coffee table featuring metallic sparks or a rich carpet with a drop of hue. This way, you’ll manage to instill an eclectic ambient without overcrowding the chamber.

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It’s important that you pair and combine elements that form strong contrasts, while still exhibiting connections to one another. You should be able to achieve this by using a neutral background or some daring shades that are encountered all over the chamber. Moreover, the geometry of the living room should look symmetrical, thus you should place your decorative items accordingly. In case such a chamber is tiny, in order to instill a more delightful atmosphere, try to select certain pivotal elements, and use them in more than one place.

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