Egg Chairs – Stealing the Show Since 1958

The audacious and innovative Egg Chair was created by the designer Arne Jacobsen in 1958, exclusively for the Copenhagen Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. The product was highly praised by the public and quickly became popular worldwide. Part of its vast popularity is due to the fact that it was featured in movies, such as Men in Black or Austin Powers. It even appeared on one of the Beatles’ videos, during their time of glory.

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The Egg Chair has undergone many changes and augmentations since its original design by Jacobsen. Nowadays, this item is synonymous with glamour and elegancy. Its stylish curves which inspire strength and flamboyance are probably what led to its Hollywood popularity. After taking a look at the photos displaying refined rooms that feature Egg Chairs, you’re bound to want one for your own residence.

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At the time of its release, the Egg Chair was seen by everyone as an audacious, futuristic decorative item, which was in perfect tone with the rest of Jacobsen’s state-of-the-art designs. In order to highlight its dazzling curves, an exclusive chiseling method was utilized. It served as an inspiration source for Denmark’s top designers, who modernized the home design field with their innovative creations. But the real merit of the Egg Chair’s design is that it has managed to survive for more than 50 years in a world of ever-changing trends.

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This highly successful outcome is owed to the mixture of astonishing practicality with creative shape that forms a lively contrast with the barren and straightforward surroundings featuring dull and precise lines. Due to its tight shape, it makes a practical addition for tiny surfaces. Its design goes well with modern and minimalist residences.

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A lot of people wrongly assume that the Egg Chair is only suitable for residences exhibiting a fancy and extravagant design, such as Hollywood Regency.  Depending on its colour, an Egg Chair could just as well be used in a bachelor pad or in a children’s room. In combination with various other dazzling hues and certain vibrant decorative items, Egg Chairs could really steal the show inside your home.

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