Extravagant Surrey Mansion – A Posh Contemporary Retreat

When they were hired to decorate the recently constructed Surrey mansion, the expert designers from Hill House Interiors envisioned a soothing ambiance, suitable for both families and big parties. Their goal was to use colours and decorative items which inspired both refinement and modernity. The mansion was inhabited by two highly sociable spouses, working in the field of global affairs, as well as their two adult sons. We’re talking about a family that enjoys both the coziness of a peaceful home and the stir of a refined social gathering.

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The primary open-plan living surface, with its adjacent kitchen/dining area, was devised especially for hosting grandiose soirees or cocktail parties. The darkish leather floor and the brilliant cocktail bar featuring sided mirror panels is bound to leave all visitors speechless. The luxurious atmosphere is further enriched by the 50-inch plasma screen installed at the back of the bar. The sliding entrances installed at each end of the bar lead to the picturesque outdoor area.

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The overall design of the mansion is meant to highlight its lovely details, while impressing everyone with its glamour and sophistication. The use of glamorous fabrics such as velvet or fur adds to the visual grandeur of the place. The study room displays equally sophisticated features, such as a couch coated in black ivory and brown grayish nuances.

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Hill House Interiors took on this challenging project straight after it had been erected and made sure that their customers were given everything they asked for. One of the main concerns of the designers was to provide enough storing space for the proprietors’ vast selection of clothing. The clever solution they came up with was the concealment of two coat cabinets below the large staircase in the access corridor.

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Seeing as the owners were huge movie fans, the decorators devised a cinema chamber which reminds everyone of the refinement and extravagance of the golden ages of the film industry. The walls of this room feature vintage shots of some of Hollywood’s most renowned actors, such as Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts.


The first floor houses the extravagant master bedroom suite, stretching over an impressive 1500 square-feet surface. Much of this suite’s brilliance is given by the dazzling lighting appliances featuring Swarovski crystals. The adjacent bathroom spreads across an equally grandiose surface and features fiber optics lights.


Photos: theartofbespoke.com