Futuristic Penthouse in the Heart of Vienna



Vienna is one of the most artistic European metropolises, a capital of music and architecture. Many of its buildings display classic or traditional architectural styles, dating hundreds of years back, amongst which the luxurious and futuristic House Ray 1 definitely stands out. This extravagant penthouse was designed by the Meissl and Delugan Architects, who also designed Vienna’s International Airport. Its overall aspect gives off Hollywood vibes, and those who know a thing or two about design can easily notice that it draws inspiration from renowned artists such as Zaha Hadid. Its futuristic design, worthy of a science-fiction movie setting, is bound to impress anyone who gazes at the building.

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The audacious attempt of the professional team of architects is undoubtedly a success, seeing as House Ray 1 manages to make a notable difference from the old-fashioned design of Vienna. The discrepancy between the style of this penthouse and that of the surrounding buildings is huge. Its hyper-minimalistic and progressive atmosphere is instilled by the brushing strokes of the ceiling and flooring, as well as the exclusive outlines of the stylish decorative items.

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Once you get past the futurism exhibited by the building’s exterior, you’ll notice that the designers chose to keep various classic concepts of interior design. The kitchen, which is lifted up on a splendid timber deck, is located at the very center of the building. The spacious living room is directly tied to a large terrace equipped with an infinity edge pool, which makes an awesome addition to the penthouse’s stylish aestheticism.

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As for the construction process itself, they needed to build an extremely light frame, in order for the penthouse to be safely positioned above an old structure and to avert any risk of damage. Decorative elements such as the impressive bathtub built from Corian appear as real continuations of the residence’s walls. The extravagance of the house is enhanced by the elegant lounge, displaying stylish dark leather. Each bedroom features a strong minimalist design. The big glass walls and the white background instill a sensation of freedom and vastness.

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Photos: decoist.com

Highly clever and innovative, the audacious and daring House Ray 1 project manages to make a different on the housing market of Vienna. Each and every corner of this futuristic penthouse is bound to impress and amaze everyone.