Grey Kitchens – A Refined and Stylish Trend

Lately, more and more people decide to follow the increasing tendency of using grey patterns on their kitchens. This colour is very appreciated by homestead owners due to its great flexibility, seeing as it comes in a large variety of nuances. Whether you wish to instill a stylish atmosphere in your kitchen or merely emphasize certain architectural characteristics, grey is the right choice for you. Moreover, it goes well with all sorts of colours and, in the right combinations, it can create visually stunning contrasts. Get rid of your dull and old-fashioned white or beige palettes of colours and use grey to add a dash of fanciness and refinement.

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In spite of its apparently urban, metallic design, grey is suitable even for kitchens that feature a traditional or rustic design. However, you shouldn’t use a single colour on your kitchen. Play with the many shades of grey and mix them with vivid colours. This way your kitchen will look and feel extravagant and stylish.



In case you are concerned that a grey scheme will make your kitchen look too gloomy, you can mix it with white.  It’s quite a fancy combination, and it requires little effort. It’s perfect for residences situated in cold, harsh environments, seeing as it brightens up the interior. As for those who live in tropical locations and benefit from a lot of natural lighting, darkish nuances of grey are an ideal choice.

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White and grey combinations constitute a perfect replacement for the common black and white patterns. Usually, it is recommended that you use grey as the dominating colour, while keeping white in the background. This mixture inspires tranquility, refinement and a dash of modernity.

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A highly valued characteristic of grey is the fact that it can be used to instill both a silent neutral tone and a vivid, glaring one. This is the main reason for which so many people pick this palette for their kitchens and more and more renowned interior designers praise it. If you want your grey-coloured kitchen to truly look eye-candy, combine it with vivid shades like red, orange, green or yellow, used on kitchen appliances.

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