Impressive and Luxurious Contemporary Brazilian Residence

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The splendid and modern X11 Residence, located in Alphaville, Londrina, Brazil, features extremely vivid combinations of textures, gripping stylistics and abundant luxury. The style of this home appeals to the taste of people who love wealth and modern design. It’s great for those who like showing-off and impressing their guests with their mansion.

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The building’s design was done by the famous Spagnuolo Architecture. This splendid contemporary Brazilian residence exhibits an L-form aspect, which allows for an amazing patio, along with a large deck space and swimming pool. Additionally, due to its positioning, the X11 benefits from the innovative technology of passive heating and cooling. The inner temperature can be kept at a cool level even when the scorching summer sun is up in the sky. The utilization of fabrics such as concrete and stone instill a feeling of secrecy and intimacy.

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Ever since the first steps you take inside the X11, you will be amazed by its simply breathtaking contrasts and texture combinations, which make the living room appear as a lively and aesthetically charming place.  Some of the most notable and absorbing elements of décor are a coffee table and dining table featuring genuine timber areas and a luxurious couch in the living room which displays a visually stunning mixture of the nuances of concrete and marble. The huge rotating glass entrances tie the living room to the outdoor patio. Once you’re in the dining area and the cozy kitchen, you can easily reach the swimming pool zone as well. All these direct connections between the interior and exterior zones are due to the building’s L-form aspect.

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Although this extravagant Brazilian residence does obviously not lack natural lighting, its real splendor is displayed after dusk, due to the glaring artificial light which underlines certain stylish architectural characteristics. The home is divided between the inferior level, which houses the public areas, and the upper level, which accommodates the bedrooms and bathrooms. In spite of the many impressive features of this mansion, the secluded patio is what really makes it look and feel astonishing.

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