Luxurious Green Building Indian Residence

This residence located in Goa, India benefits from an elegant and innovative design, aimed at keeping a ceaseless connection with the dazzling landscapes surrounding it. Its steep positioning in the midst of a large tropical forest turns it into the ideal retreat for people who want to escape from the haste and stir of the overcrowded city. The ample utilization of stone for the interior design gives it a rustic vibe.



The building features 4.500 square feet of habitation surface, which comprises 4 bedrooms with private bathrooms. Three of these are located in the primary segment of the home. The 4th bedroom and its corresponding bathroom were placed inside the pool pavilion. Each of these 4 chambers exhibits 2 opposite entrances, made of teak timber. As for the decking, the constructor chose concrete as the main material. The walls of the 3 bedrooms located in the primary segment of the residence are made of basalt.



This mansion was devised according to the most recent standards in terms of green building. The constructors used only genuine and salvaged fabrics, unless when this was practically impossible. In order to keep pollution at a minimum level, they focused on purchasing local and regional fabrics.

The materials which were the most utilized in erecting this building were stone, as well as Burmese and African teak timber. As for the furniture, the owners chose contemporary items, which are designed to withstand high temperature fluctuations, in order to keep a more or less constant temperature in the interior.



Another green building-related characteristic is cross ventilation and exploiting daylight to the maximum in order to use as little automated refrigeration and artificial lighting as possible.

In addition to being eco-friendly and a great example of green building, the mansion is also fancy and exquisite, as well as highly comfortable for its inhabitants. Due to its luxurious features, such as a large swimming pool, footbridge and pool pavilion, this residence is affordable only to rich people, its value being approximated at around $700,000.

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The occupants can also benefit from a panoramic roof terrace  and rooftop lawn, which make the perfect spot for enjoying a delicious meal outside while admiring the serene sights of the Indian countryside.