Modern and Rustic Tapalpa Residence

Get a glimpse of this incredibly stylish and modern home situated in a remote region close to the small Mexican town of Tapalpa. This state-of-the-art residence is the work of the “Elías Rizo Arquitectos” team and its design is both sharp and functional. The owners chose this secluded location for the establishment in order to achieve a better communion with the nature and to get away from the tiring noise and agitation of the city. This kind of isolated emplacement provides some great sights of the surroundings and also allows the building to have several entrances.


The building itself features a clear, powerful geometry, exhibited through the use of local fabrics and rustic elements, implemented with accuracy. It presents itself as a flat item located in the midst of a forest clearing, encompassed by conifers. The frontage exhibits a dark aspect, with a small number of apertures. On the other hand, at the rear of the residence, the walls either feature a lot of windows or are completely eliminated, in order for the chambers to benefit from rich lighting and great sights of the surroundings.

The first floor of this home features 3 bedrooms with private bathrooms, a living room, a stairway, a garage, as well as service areas. The second floor comprises a master suite with direct access to a large panoramic terrace.

The construction process itself was conducted with a lot of attention, using only reliable fabrics. When building the walls, the constructors chose to use brickwork of regional origin. The north side of the mansion, which is designed as a private area, features a roof made of concrete slab. The rest of the building features a tiled roof over timber flooring, upheld by various wooden joists.

One could say that timber was the most used material when erecting the building, seeing as it was also utilized on the window framework, as well as the cabinets. Furthermore, wood was also used as casing for the master suite area.

In order to properly understand the concept and design behind this modern and exquisite Tapalpa residence, take a look at the photos below:

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