Original Mediterranean Flat with an Industrial Vibe



This magnificent flat located in the Spanish town of Benicàssim exhibits a flawless combination of Mediterranean, industrial and contemporary designs, being the work of the renowned designers from Egue y Seta. In spite of the coastal setting of the flat, the architects wanted to do something more original than merely implementing the classic Mediterranean style, which is why they attempted a more industrial approach. The most obvious source of inspiration for the design is modern industrial lofts.

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The fame of the Spanish town of Benicàssim is given by its worldwide famous music festival. During their work, the designers have attempted to reflect the peaceful and serene atmosphere of this province. The residence is surrounded by breathtaking parks and gardens, constituting a picturesque and relaxing haven. From inside the apartment, you can feel the soft breeze of the Mediterranean. Thus, every day and night spent there will feel like a seaside holiday.

In what concerns the interior, the architects have avoided implementing clear separating points between the chambers, resorting to an open floor plan. This way, the kitchen, the dining surface and the family area communicate with each other, instilling a feeling of coziness and social communion.

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The industrial-design lighting is pivotal for the general atmosphere of the residence, featuring natural ventilation circulating through the chambers. Another key element of the industrial design is the utilization of glass separating walls, displaying gloomy, metallic framework. The kitchen features geometrical tiles, which make it seem more spacious. The bedroom exhibits a minimalist design, consisting almost entirely of white shades, contrasted only by the colourful pillows and sheeting. In terms of decorating items, the contemporary style is predominant.

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The timber items placed in the bedroom and living area enhance the coziness of the place and the many plants on display make you feel closer to the surrounding nature. All in all, due to the combination of these decorating styles, this house surely looks and feels different from the rest of the region, being both cozy and original.

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Photos: decoist.com