Outstanding St. Petersburg Flat – Stylish Minimalist Design

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When trying to implement the latest trends of the contemporary style, the majority of designers attempt to insert minimalist features in the home décor, but in most cases they fail, because these features are overpowered by the more prominent design style. Nevertheless, this extravagant flat situated in the Russian metropolis of St. Petersburg displays a stylish, minimalist decorating style, while managing to create a powerful and visually enticing effect.

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Designed and built by MODOM, this hyper-slick flat exhibits a touch of futurism, in addition to its impressive practicality. It succeeds in mixing shape with functionality with a minimum amount of work. A really evident and warm feature is the stunning utilization of lighting and darkish nuances, which is bound to charm and amaze you from the very first steps you take inside this refined area.

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The flat stretches over a surface of 76 square meters and it features an open floor plan. The living room looks simply breathtaking, featuring darkish shades. The décor of the stylish dining space is enriched with a thin timber table, as well as a user-friendly kitchen corner exhibiting white hues. The suspended cabinetry and the wall-mounted entertainment unit are specific for the minimalist design style. The rich gray sofa does a great job in enhancing the atmosphere. The singular vibrant colour displayed by this area is a fancy orange floor lamp, placed in a more secluded spot. The coffee table goes perfectly with the hyper-slick design, due to the fact that it seems as if it’s smoothly floating above the timber flooring.

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The bedroom and the bath, which feature the same design style and palette of colours as the living room, are connected by a vast hallway. The most appreciated element in the minimalist bedroom is a big bookshelf in dark nuances and the adjacent reading corner. This is bound to impress each and every one of the visitors of this refined St. Petersburg flat. In another nook, the bedroom features a classy work office in white hues. Outstanding, innovative and stylish, this cultivated Russian flat makes the perfect residence for those who appreciate a simple, minimalist design.

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Photos: decoist.com