Poznan Black and White Flat – Slick Minimalist Design

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Poznan is a vibrant metropolis, with an incredibly rich history, dominated by the splendor of outstanding castles and the allure of past times. Just by walking the streets of this awesome city you feel as if you travel back in time. In spite of the deep historical roots of the city, the majority of its contemporary flats tend to adopt a minimalist style, which is mostly owed to their Scandinavian origins which focus on optical modesty and practicality.

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This superb flat featuring a black & white palette of colours was designed by the renowned Kasia Orwat, who adopted a “modern minimalist” fashion and tried to make the place enticing for both Scandinavian and worldwide audience. Due to the fact that the palette of colours of this tiny chic flat displays two nuances, the decorator was able to shift the attention in the direction of geometric and textural oscillations. This resulted in the living area having a feeling of authenticity and originality.

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The combination of black and white applied to the interior of a residence is bound to provide an ever-lasting charm and allurement. It’s a traditional combo which instills an air of classy refinement and a dash of uniqueness. The living space is enriched by the shiny shades of green and yellow. The monochromatic aspect of the surface is completed by rich decorative items. The peaceful background is highlighted by chiseled dining chairs, classy kitchen countertops and cabinetry which fade into the walls. The luxurious gray sofa is the center of attention in the living space.

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Although the surface of the flat isn’t very big, the designer managed to instill a feeling of spaciousness through the utilization of a light, but strong palette of colours. The main idea was to ensure that the free amount of space did not display any aesthetical divisions. The design of the comfortable bedroom and the classy bathroom resembles the one in the living space. However, every one of these rooms is contrasted by the trendy artworks and the refined tiles featuring complex models. All in all, this splendid Poznan flat constitutes an example which proves the validity of the “less is more” architectural concept.

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Photos: decoist.com