Red Hues – A Flawless Choice for Any Bathroom

Red palettes of colours inspire vigor, brightness and they can turn any old boring surface into a dazzling, state-of-the-art room. These nuances are perfect for accentuating the mild, minimalist shades displayed by the most popular interior design tendencies of our day. However, this lively hue can be used for so much more than mere accents. If you feel like your bathroom space is in desperate need of a change, red is the right choice. It will transform your bathroom into an elegant, sparkling area. Although in most cases a proper red interior is not easily achieved, when dealing with bathrooms, red hues can do wonders, a conclusion that you can easily reach by taking a look at the photos.

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If your bedroom features a red scheme, it’s only logical that the bathroom connected to it should display the same nuances. Lighting is an important aspect that you should consider when implementing a red palette of colours. Basically, you can’t achieve a proper red scheme on your bathroom unless you benefit from flawless ambient lighting, particularly when dealing with tiny surfaces.

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If you wish to avoid the utilization of white as a subsidiary nuance, shiny silver is a nice choice, especially since the tendency of utilizing metallic shades is growing. Due to the great reflections provided by silver, your bathroom will look somewhat more spacious. All in all, shiny silver tones make a great addition to a red bathroom.

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Red hues can be used to accentuate virtually any kind of bathroom, whether it features a vintage, minimalist or modern design. In most cases, the finishing strokes are what really make a difference. For example, shiny finishing strokes go perfectly with vintage, minimalist or modern bathrooms, whilst matte ones are ideal for rustic, coastal or classic designs. If you want your bathroom to look more audacious and extravagant, a good choice would be to paint the ceiling red.

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Another colour which looks absolutely stunning in combination with red is black. This combination is extremely classy and stylish, and goes well with basically anything. If you want your bathroom to have an even sleeker design, substitute black with darkish nuances of grey. As for those who are more into lively and joyous palettes, yellow makes a perfect secondary colour.

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