Scandinavian Living Rooms – Minimalism Taken to Perfection

Lately, more and more people choose to adopt the discreet and minimalist Scandinavian design style. Its implementation is quite facile. However, in order to do it properly, you must be practical and learn how to keep disorder away from your homestead. This type of design focuses on quality over quantity. It implies both space economy and refinement. If you enjoy discretion and simplicity, this style is perfect for your home.

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The Scandinavian design style is purely brilliant. Its modest origins were improved in order to fit the tastes of a large array of homestead owners. Nowadays this style is not merely simple; it’s also stylish and comfortable. Due to these alluring features, the Scandinavian design is bound to stay in fashion for decades to come.

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Its origins are traced back to the inhospitable Scandinavian countries, where home design reflects people’s need for making their residences look and feel brighter and more spacious. Thus, it constitutes an ideal design for a tiny living room. In terms of colour patterns, the Scandinavian style should feature minimalist nuances of white for the most part. The impact is a wonderful background, as well as an atmosphere of peace and discretion. The utilization of simple and minimalist decorating items with smooth lines instills a feeling of order and coziness. In spite of its lack of vivid colours, a Scandinavian décor looks joyous and delightful.

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Although this style doesn’t require vibrant nuances, do not neglect the use of any kinds of colours.  You don’t want your living room to look blank and dull. Genuine Scandinavian living rooms are all about the accent. Moreover, mirrors are a great way of augmenting the attractiveness of such a chamber. You could also purchase some items which bring a touch of refinement to the place, such as a plush carpet, a slick table, a fancy floor lamp or a comfortable sofa.

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Although initially the Scandinavian style was all about white nuances, lately there’s been a significant increase in the use of grey, which is a really cool minimalist color. It can either substitute white or form combinations with it. If you wish to follow this tendency, you can enhance the atmosphere in your living room with a comfortable grey sofa, for example. Another idea would be to paint the walls in a pale shade of grey. However, if you love contrasts, you could go for darker shades.

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