Shabby Chic Bathrooms – Old-School Simplicity and Refinement

Those who love mild hues and antiquities should definitely think of implementing the shabby chic design style in their homes. Although not many people pursue this idea, a shabby chic style can also be perfectly implemented when renovating a bathroom. What makes it ideal for this particular chamber is its flexibility and malleability. Thus, it allows you to experiment with all kinds of combinations of appliances and pieces of furniture, such as cabinets, dressing tables, bathtubs, sinks, faucets or mirrors. After taking a look at these superb photos of bathrooms displaying a shabby chic design, you’re bound to be allured by the beauty and coziness of this style.

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Floral motifs look gorgeous and make a great addition to any shabby chic bathroom. As an idea, you could purchase draperies, wallpaper or toiletry accessories with pink floral models. This way, the feminine atmosphere of your shabby chic bathroom will be enriched. However, blue, red or yellow nuances are also a great choice. Basically, when choosing a floral motif, you are free to choose whichever hue you like the most. But floral designs should not all be of artificial origin. Add some real lively flowers in vases as decorative items, in order to instill a natural atmosphere in your bathroom.

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The shabby chic style is not supposed to look modern. Quite the contrary, the fans of this design appreciate old, worn-out elements, such as pieces of furniture which appear as if they were painted more than once. Hence, the best place to search for items for your shabby chic bathroom would be an antique shop. With the right furniture and decorations, your bathroom will give off powerful cottage or countryside vibes.

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But just because you aren’t a big fan of the worn-out aspect doesn’t mean the shabby chic design is not suitable for you. You could also purchase pieces of furniture and decorative items that seem new, just as long as the simplicity of the design is preserved and the palette of colours is light.

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If you’re more pretentious and you want your shabby chic bathroom to exhibit a more refined design, you could go for items such as stylish hanging chandeliers or tiled decking. This way, your shabby chic bathroom will also feature a dash of sophistication.

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