Shabby Chic Living Rooms – A Stylish and Practical Choice

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With origins dating back to the 80s, shabby chic is a really artsy design style, suitable for those homestead owners who wish to recreate the atmosphere of a past epoch. It also constitutes a perfect choice for people who wish to instill a classy feeling in their home, but are on a tight budget. Initially, its creators intended to make a notable difference in the home design field by coming up with something completely different from the popular styles of those times. Nowadays, shabby chic is a popular style itself, more and more people being allured by its elegancy.

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If you love this design style, you’re bound to draw some inspiration for your living room from the photos. Shabby chic is innovative, romantic and stylish. You’ll be amazed by how well it makes use of restored items and by its harmonious combination of both vintage and contemporary decorative objects. The relaxing and refined aesthetics of this decorative style are shaped according to your own individual preferences and desires. A shabby chic living room is both cozy and practical.

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The primary hue in the colour pattern of shabby chic is white, so you should consider decorating your home in this style only if you love this nuance. In spite of the predominance of white, shabby chic does definitely not lack colour. In fact, it’s recommended that you also use various vivid hues in addition to white, in order to create visual contrasts. Shades such as chilly blue, mind pink and pale mint will make your living room look and feel lively and invigorating.

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The nuances that you pick should be in accordance with the secondary theme that you wish your chamber to exhibit, in addition to shabby chic. For example, in case you love the Scandinavian decorating style, you should use pale shades of grey as well as soft blues. On the other hand, if you want your living room to give off womanly vibes, in combination with a dash of Bohemian style, use pink or purple nuances. Regardless of which palette of colours you choose to implement, don’t ever go for darkish or glaring nuances. They can ruin the whole ambiance of a shabby chic living loom.

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