Simple and Stylish Eclectic Design Residence

Unfortunately, the eclectic decorating style is frequently overlooked or undervalued. Achieving a proper eclectic design is definitely no easy task. Make mistakes when decorating and the results could be disastrous. However, this magnificent residence located in Marrickville, Sydney is the vivid proof that the eclectic design can be properly implemented and that it can be awesome. This house exhibits an innovative eclectic interior with a great mixture of colours.



The architectural project of the house, which was built on a low budget, was made by the renowned David Boyle. The whole aspect of the house is extremely vivid and original, featuring a large array of colours, fabrics, textures and design models.



The clients who ordered the project asked for a fresh plan that could comprise 2 semi-detached residences, which is why the planners chose to clear 2 distinct plans in accordance with the land’s orientation. The result was 2 novel residences which exhibit a similar type of design. The construction involved a lot of recycling, making use of lumber and bricks which were part of the former building. In addition to considerably reducing expenses, this resulted in great optical contrasts. However, the real originality of the house is granted by the rich palette of colours used on the interior.



The owner was a huge art lover and possessed an impressive manifold of paintings and other artistic items which were put on display throughout the living room. Therefore, ever since the very first steps you take inside this house, it feels like you’re entering a real art exhibition. The pieces of furniture that were uses were also the property of the owner. Although the furniture appears to be very simple, in combination with the artworks displayed it inflicts a general stylish atmosphere.



The common element for all the chambers of the house is the vivid palette of colours. In order for every room to benefit from fresh air, the designer implemented skylights and glass windows. Speaking of fresh air, the patio provides a great location for chilling and enjoying some peaceful, resting moments.


Due to its simple, somewhat modest and invigorating design, this residence constitutes a nice change from the ever-growing number of contemporary and semi-minimalist houses you encounter on the market these days. All in all, the original design of Marrickville  House turns it into a real sanctuary that you’re bound to never get bored of.