Spectacular Rustic Lake Tahoe Cabin

Everyone enjoys the simple pleasure of a weekend spent at a serene lake cabin. Such a trip involves a lot of entertainment with your friends or family and strengthens your bond with the nature. Plus, it makes the perfect escape from the daily rush and monotony of the city.


This splendid rustic lake cabin, known as the “Austin Cabin”, is situated in the famous Californian Martis Camp, within the close vicinity of Lake Tahoe. In addition to its notable rustic design, the cabin also exhibits certain features borrowed from the Texan decorating style. What could be more relaxing and comforting than spending a few days of fun at this splendid wood lake cabin, surrounded by nothing but picturesque sights? This is the perfect vacation home if you want to just chill and lose yourself in the tranquility of nature.

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The design of the lake cabin, which constitutes a perfect mixture between the rustic and modern styles, was done by Walton Architecture, while the construction was completed by Greenwood Homes. The builders used a lot of recycled fabrics. The genuine textures displayed by the interior instill a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. The owners of this picturesque late retreat are bound to feel tempted to spend weekend after weekend there.


The lake cabin exhibits a unique and outstanding style, combining the general rustic design with modern elements. It is definitely a building with personality. However, if we were to label this Lake Tahoe retreat, we could say that it belongs mostly to the rustic style, due to features such as the utilization of genuine stone and recycled timber as building materials, the cowhide-coated design and the warm textures.

In terms of modern design elements, the building features a big sliding glass entrance, which ties the ample dining space on the ground floor with the lush exterior lounge area. If the weather is nice, you’re bound to spend more time outside than inside, seeing as this exterior lounge area also features a large fire pit, which makes a really romantic addition.

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The interior of the ground floor consists of a big dining area, as well as a really comfy kitchen. As for the superior level, it comprises a fancy master bedroom, a second bedroom with separate bathroom, as well as a third bedroom featuring bunk beds. All in all, this brilliant rustic lake cabin is the perfect place for a well-deserved weekend trip.

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Photos: decoist.com