Splendid Colour Palettes for Your Bedroom

Using the right combination of colours when decorating your bedroom is of very high importance for creating a pleasant ambient and adding a touch of your own personality and style. Seeing as the bedroom is one of the chambers where you spend most of your time at home, you should use a colour palette which looks both refreshing and stylish. Basically, you want it to have a look that will provide both the relaxation you need to fall asleep and the feeling of peace and happiness you need in order to start a new day.

Some of the colour palettes which are bound to enhance the atmosphere of your bedroom are:

  1. Chocolate, gray, teal

The idea that darkish colours make your bedroom appear smaller is a myth. This colour palette generates a both gloomy and romantic atmosphere, ideal for both bachelors and couples.


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  1. Mustard, black cream and grey

This is a very exclusive colour scheme and it provides many possibilities of playing with the colours.


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  1. Grey and white

The contrast these two colours create will make your bedroom look stunningly classy and refined. You’ll basically feel like sleeping in a room featured on the cover of a fashion magazine.


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  1. Grey, cream and purple

These nuances provide a chic and slightly feminine atmosphere. You can use various nuances of purple, seeing as it is a very flexible colour.


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  1. Grey, white and tan

This is the perfect combo for people who want their bedroom to have a discreet, intimate feeling.


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  1. Indigo and white

Indigo makes an inscrutable nuance. Its combination with white proves to be highly stylish and elegant. Provided you don’t have a problem with painting your walls with a dark color, use indigo on your walls and purchase indigo and white lingerie.

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  1. Black and white

This is a combo that simply never gets old. It provides a classy, elegant look.


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  1. Red, pink and grey

This colour palette inspires feminism and sensuality. It constitutes the perfect choice for single ladies or romantic couples.


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  1. Turquoise and purple

These two nuances look absolutely dazzling and stupenduous in the same scheme.


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  1. Tiffany blue, black and white

This combo is refined and classy and it’s perfect if you want to decorate your bedroom in a vintage style.



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