State-of-the-Art New York City Loft


This stylish state-of-the-art loft is situated inside a structure with a rich history, located in New York City’s Greenwich Village. The professional architects and designers of the Adi Gershoni Studio, who were hired in order to adapt the style and design of this flat to the owners’ needs and requirements, faced many challenges during their work. The residents, a young married couple, desired a lot of office space, in order for them to be able to work from home, a vast area for entertainment, as well as a big guest room. The fact that the actual habitation surface inside the 2200 square-foot loft was lengthy and tight made it hard for the team to put the owners’ wishes into practice.



In spite of the difficulties and challenges they were faced with, the expert team of the Adi Gershoni Studio succeeded in completing the task and meeting every particular demand of the residents. They were able to implement two separate office spaces, one for the husband and one for the wife.


Besides the kitchen, dining room, living room and master bedroom, the loft also features a den and a space where you can just lay on the couch and watch television. It’s also perfect for receiving a lot of visitors, seeing as it includes a guest room, as well as a large guest area. Being avid readers, the inhabitants also requested a vast library for storing a lot of books. The team has managed to do more than a thorough job on this.

In some areas, the walls of the residence feature alcoves, where the owners can store personal or decorative items.

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The den isn’t very big, but it’s ideal for watching films and television, seeing as it features a top-notch home theater system. This area is framed in glass, which gives it a highly stylish and modern aspect.

The second area for chilling and watching television features a sofa bed, which is why it can be used as an additional space for guests when needed.


The office area is located inside the corridor and it features a lot of bookstands. Due to the narrow shape of the loft, the library area was also implemented in the hallway, the advantage being that you can get to it from whichever part of the flat.