Stone Bathroom Walls – For a Soothing, Rustic Retreat

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The concept of stone bathroom walls is quite old, dating back to ancient times. However, throughout the past decades, more and more homestead proprietors have adopted more exquisite and extravagant styles which give off vibes of flamboyance. The 1990s imposed tendencies which promoted modesty, neat straight lines, silent hues like beige, as well as an aspect which is suitable for the modern concepts that have been radically modified towards the end of the century. Although stylish, spa-resembling bathrooms still constitute a highly popular trend, a lot of homestead owners desire a mixture of the modern and the traditional. That is why stone walls have once again become a fashionable tendency.

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In what regards stone bathroom walls, almost nothing beats the ageless enticement and clean refinement of marble. However, by glancing at the photos, you’ll realize that marble is not the only fabric which looks awesome in your bathroom. You could just as well opt for rustic style stone. Lively, gorgeous and original, stone bathroom walls are bound to steal the show in any residence.

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Stone walls are nearly indispensable to bathrooms which exhibit a rustic décor and they undoubtedly instill a dash of originality, in addition to the picturesque countryside allurement. They go perfectly well in combination with hefty timber beams on the ceiling. One can choose from a large array of genuine stone fabrics when deciding to install stone bathroom walls. However, be sure that you pick a stone type and nuance that goes well with the existing palette of colours in your bathroom. Obviously, you should also think of the price and the amount of time and effort that you’ll need to invest. In most cases, the most logical and inexpensive alternative is purchasing a local variety of genuine stone. This way, your bathroom will also display a dash of local flavour.

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Stone bathroom walls are also perfect for reproducing the timber cabin atmosphere, as well as the soothing and unpretentious farmhouse look. In other words, a stone wall is the perfect choice for those homestead owners who wish to avoid a glossy, contemporary design. If you add a brass or vintage bathtub, you’ll basically feel like taking a bath inside a rustic cabin or ski resort.

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