Stylish and Multifunctional Loft Bed Staircase Designs

Loft beds are an awesome addition for your home, especially if you feel like you never have as much space as you wish. Although they are quite hard to be implemented in a particular design, they provide the considerable advantage of freeing a lot of space. They can be reached via a staircase or ladder. Although the staircase aspect is frequently overlooked, this particular element is what can enhance your loft bed with a top-notch design. Here are some innovative loft bed staircase designs that you are bound to find useful for your residence:

  • Integrated storage

Loft beds are the perfect options if you have children. Implementing one in their room will provide them with more empty space where they can run around and play. But the true originality of this idea comes from the fact that the steps can serve as storage space in which the kids can deposit their toys and gadgets. This can be achieved by installing removable drawers inside every step.


Another inventive idea would be to utilize the removable drawers for depositing garments. This way you won’t need a wardrobe anymore. You can also choose to install a secret door under the loft bed, a feature that your kids will absolutely adore.


The steps of the staircase could also be used as open shelves for keeping books, magazines or decorative items.


  • Helix staircase

Helix staircases do not constitute a common option when it comes to loft beds, reason for which they will make an original and stylish enhancement of the design of your residence. This feature is bound to instill elegance and refinement in your home, in addition to saving a lot of space. Its exquisite and slick design makes it the perfect choice for chambers where you will receive guests, such as the dining room.








  • Discreet kitchen ladders

This probably hasn’t crossed your mind before, but loft beds can actually be perfectly incorporated above the cooking space in your kitchen. In order to reach them, implement a ladder (static or mobile) in a discreet place in your kitchen, such as a corner, so that it doesn’t become an impediment when preparing the meal. This feature can prove to be very practical, seeing as you can use the ladder to hang your kitchen towels. Although the idea may sound weird at first, in the end you can achieve a truly symmetrical design in your kitchen.