Timber Headboards – For a Touch of Rustic in Your Contemporary Bedroom

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Nowadays, the majority of decorating styles are defined by glossy polished areas and fabrics such as glass, stone or concrete, which instill a feeling of artificiality. Sadly, more and more people forget about the genuine delight and enchantment of decorative items and pieces of furniture made of timber. Even if your home is decorated in a contemporary or minimalist style, you may still want to feel a dash of coziness and serenity amidst all the barren and artificial textures and materials. And what better way to induce an atmosphere of coziness than to purchase items made of timber? If you wish to enrich the ambiance of your bedroom with a few wooden accents, the best way would be to install a timber headboard.

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Timber headboards make a great addition to any bedroom and are ideal for those homestead owners that value simplicity and fancy a touch of rustic. Take a look at the photos and you’re bound to be delighted by the way in which these items sharpen and enhance the overall aspect of any bedroom.  When browsing for timber headboards, one can choose from a large variety of shapes and models. However, if you want your bedroom to flawlessly reflect your own style and individuality, it might be a good idea to build your own wooden headboard.

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Lately, more and more homestead owners have chosen to follow the increasing tendency of decorating their bedrooms in a manner which generates a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. One of these popular styles is the winter cabin design, which attempts to imitate the rustic delight of a cozy cabin in the mountains. Timber headboards that are suitable for the rustic winter cabin style can easily be built by making use of recycled timber, driftwood, branches or even old barn entrances. Regardless of the chosen crafting material, a timber headboard is bound to steal the show in your bedroom.

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Floor-to-ceiling timber headboards are a nice alternative for those who want the ambiance of their bedroom to feel more dazzling and refined. Such a headboard provides the advantage of serving as a rustic background for the entire room, instead of being a simple accessory of the bed. One can also use a floor-to-ceiling timber headboard to exhibit various artworks. Ideally, timber headboards should fit the design and colour pattern of the nightstands.

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Photos: decoist.com